‘You are my friends’: British man stands guard outside his local mosque after Christchurch terror attack


In the aftermath of the deadly terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand that claimed the lives of at least 50 people including five Indians, a man standing guard outside the Levenshulme mosque in Machester has received praise online. A picture of him holding a placard that read “You are my friends. I will keep watch while you pray” has gone viral.

However, many were curious about the identity of the man which was later revealed by his daughter, Ruth Kyle. “Dear world. This is my Dad @AndrewGraystone and I am so proud, in every way, to be his daughter!” she tweeted in response to many enquiring about him.

Graystone shared that he decided to stand outside the Mosque because he wanted people to know that “we can respond with friendship”. “As people walked up, you could see in their eyes that they were looking at somebody standing outside their mosque, thinking, ‘Oh no, is this some kind of protest or whatever’. And then when they saw the message saying ‘You are my friend’, their faces broke and they beamed and smiled,” he told BBC.