Woman founds a love letter in a bottle floating in water, the story does not end well ; read full story


An Australian woman while sailing off the coast of Queensland found a love letter inside a bottle floating on the water. As she saw it she went down to pick it up and found that the letter was in Chinese.The author of the letter turned out to be a Chinese sailor.

Curious about the content of the letter, McNally, who was the owner of a local tour company, used his company’s Facebook handle to ask for help with the translation. It did not take long for the post to go viral, with many helping out with the translation.

Our message in the bottle is in Chinese! Arrr me hearties, can anyone tell me what it says? I’m thinking a hopeless romantic, Scott hopes it is!

Posted by Whitehaven Xpress – Whitehaven Beach Tours. on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The letter read.

“I am a sailor now sailing on the Indian Ocean. I deeply miss my fiancée at home. I feel so sorry for leaving her behind straight after our engagement. I can only write down the words that are in my mind and seal them in a floating bottle. My only wish is to return home and live a long, happy, and beautiful life with Jing. I know that this bottle is floating in the deep seas and don’t expect it to ever be found and read. I’m only doing this to comfort my own heart.

I love you, Jing.”

Once the couple figured out the content of the letter, they were curious to find the person who wrote it.

According to The Brisbane Times, the viral post reached many and a man contacted the couple claiming to be a friend of the sailor. Through this friend, the sailor informed that he was no longer with the women he had written about. “Because his former fiancee now has another family, he is worried that if either of them are identified it will hurt her and the family she now has,” Challenger told the news website. “He’s a really lovely man… the world would be such a nicer place with more men like him. I cried when I first read the letter and I still get goosebumps every time I read it again,” she added.