Up’s Deputy CM claims “Sita” was a test tube baby.


A Bjp minister in Uttar Pradesh was sharing his views on ancient India’s gifts to modern science where he proclaimed that Lord Ram’s wife Sita was a test-tube baby said UP’s Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma.

“When Sita was born there must have been something like a test-tube baby. (Her father King) Janak ploughed the land and a baby came out of an earthen pot, she became Sita. This means technology similar to a test-tube baby must have existed,” Dinesh Sharma says in a video that became a rage on social media on Friday.

He was speaking at an event on Wednesday to mark “Hindi journalism day”. At the same function the minister said journalism “started during the Mahabharata”.

Dinesh Sharma said the character Sanjaya, who described the war of Kurukshetra to king Dhritarashtra was providing a sort of “live telecast”.

Minister Dinesh Sharma also said that “our google” started in ancient India, with the mythological character “Narad Muni” who was known to be an informer. “He could reach anywhere and transfer a message from one place to another by saying ‘Narayana’ three times,” said the minister’.