With the arrangements of the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 implemented from September 1, 2019, those disrupting traffic rules will have to pay heavier fines and stricter penalties. For example- Fine for the first offense in drink and drive have gone up from ₹2000 to ₹10000 in addition to that the time for imprisonment has gone up from 6 months to 10 months. Offenders repeating the offense will have to pay more and serve more time. Driving without insurance and necessary documents for your vehicle can land you in jail or for a fine up to ₹2000. Driving without a helmet will also require a person to pay a fine of ₹1000 most likely with 3 months suspension of license.

This being the generation of millennials, the people had very interesting things to say about the matter at hand. New changes in Challans were a new trending topic on twitter and many other social media platforms. The youth have come forward saying that if they want to collect a lot of fines they should also mend all of the roads, which have a lot more holes than the vehicles on them. Whether the public is happy or not the people are way more careful then they were before. People have started wearing helmets and started carrying their documents which are necessary for the possession of a vehicle.

It is true that if you are not a fairly good driver you are not advised to take any vehicle out the road all by yourself, especially when you are in India. Travel by road is dangerous. On Indian streets, the most secure driving strategy is to always expect that different drivers won’t react to a traffic circumstance similarly you would. Transports and trucks regularly run red lights. Vehicles, auto-rickshaws, bikes, and people on foot carry on just marginally more mindfully. Use your horn or flash your headlights frequently to announce your presence. It is both customary and wise. There are many reasons for these accidents, including road engineering, road accidents, and automobile-related, but one of the major problems is that violators neither respect the law nor there’s any fear. That is one main reason why higher traffic penalties have been implemented. It doesn’t matter if the people are happy with the new change but it does matter that they are now doing everything they can to avoid challan and there’s only one what to do it, that is by following the rules.