Sushma Swaraj becomes the worst rated minister on Facebook in just 36 hours


Sushma Swaraj got 29 thousand, 1 Star Reviews on FB in last 36 hours in regards to Tanvi Seth Passport case


29000 reviews in 36 hours for Sushma Swaraj, becomes most rated (4.9) to worst rated (1.9) minister on Social Media.

Here social media is a bliss to the people whose voice is not get raised. If we do not consider this case then we can’t find any case where the passport get delivered in such a short time. Even Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath got his passport after a day via post some time ago.

The Scenario of Tanvi Seth or Tanvi Anas or Sadiya Anas Siddiqui proved that government can be fooled with some weapons if use wrongly. So she did.

But our great Indians didn’t taken it lightly, they responded to the case with their straight voices very clearly in opposing this whole situation.

Thousands of articles, videos and many lacs of Facebook, twitter posts has been written in last 36 hours in oppose of Tanvi Seth and in support of the Passport officer Vikas Mishra.

One more place Smart Indian choosen to oppose this to Sushma Swaraj is her official Facebook account review section, where in last 36 hours our great Indian given 29 thousands of one star negative review to her page writing only one thing #ISupportVikasMishra and the numbers is increasing by every second.











The voice is raised with a huge numbers. Now we have to see what reaction will come from the government’s end. Will the passport of Tanvi Seth get seized, if she will face any probe for misleading the government.