Sudhir Chillal – Guiness book record holder for having the longest nails in the world is all set too cut his nails.


India has many talented and gifted people who have made a name for themself through their work & acts. Guinness record holder for having the longest fingernails in the world Shridhar Chillal is all set to finally cut his nails so that they can be stored in a museum.

Shridhar Chillal fingernails measured around 9 metres. Sudhir had not cut his nails since 1952 now aged 82 he is set to finally cut his finger nails

Chillal had requested that his cut nails be immortalised & Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Times Square agreed to it& flew Chillal from Pune to New York to cut his nails and memorialise them forever in the museum. The museum will also host a “nail clipping ceremony” today where Chillal’s nails will be cut.

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