Religion is something in India that can get you fame, votes, passport and what not!


Two Incidents have came in limelight within 48hrs. One, the Latest Lucknow’ Passport conflict of Sadia Anas vs Tanvi Seth and another has come where a girl named Pooja singh vs #Airtel on twitter who wrote:-

“Airtel your DTH customer service is not good. I had complaint about an issue and your service engineer behaved rudely with me and said please don’t call again. This is how you are looting your customers.”

Soon she got a response from Airtel’s customer care service man who happened to be a Muslim. The tweet read “We will get in touch with you for your complaintShoaib.

To which Pooja singh replied “Dear Shoaib, you are a Muslim and i don’t trust your work because the Quran might have different rules and ethics for treating customers. So i request please get me a Hindu representative. After this Airtel‘s twitter handle replied ” Dear Pooja, as per your complaint please tell us the right time to call you and please also give us your phone no”- Gaganjot.
This time the reply was from a Hindu officer.
This series of tweet created a stir on the internet common people and big names both entered it and Pooja Singh was criticized for her comments.

This is not the first time where such an incident has occurred. Just a few days back a man in Lucknow cancelled his OLA cab booking because the driver was a #Muslim and he said “He did not to give his money to #Jihadis”.

Unity in Diversity” this is the phrase that we use to describe India but the harsh truth is that this is applicable only on pen and paper and not in our daily lives. Our country really is ‘incredible’ because we cant have the same mindset, respect for a person of our country because of his religion. A country never develops because of riches it develops because of broader mind and view of the people.

India will become a developed nation the day when a person can marry anyone he wants irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and color, the day we stand together as one and have love, respect for our fellow countrymen irrespective of their religion because we are Humans first. till then we will have a lot more of people like Pooja Singh, Abhishek Mishra or Sadia Asna and the day is not so far when after getting tired of all this the companies will give you the additional IVR options like press 1 to get a Hindu driver or Hindu representative and press 2 to get a Muslim driver or representative as Airtel did with Pooja by replacing Shoaib with Gaganjot on customer’s demand.

All this incidents just bring one question in common people’s mind,

Are we really developing?