People beat transgenders because of fake whatsapp forward, one loses his life.


Internet has become a daily source of information however the accuracy and the transparency of the news ia not authentic.

Whatsapp helps people stay connected and in touch. However rumours on social media can be bery dangerous and this cost a man his life after he was beaten to death because of being thought of being a child lifter.

52-year Chandriah was a transgender was beaten to death after he was accused of being a child-lifter. Two others with him Swamy and Narasimha, were severely injured. They were rescued by the police and shifted to Osmania General hospital in Hyderabad.

The three were going to seek alms for Ramdaan were beaten by the locals in Hyderabad’s Chandrayangutta following viral WhatsApp forwards about a gang of kidnappers operating in the state.

Someone hit Chandraiah with a tyre and another threw a boulder at his head. The police managed to rescue the other two.
Chandraiah died in hospital, the police said.

“Based on video footage of the incident, 35 people were taken into custody,” local police officer Y Prakash Reddy said. A case of murder has been filed against them.