Mumbai women finds a women auto driver late night.


Women safety in the most important prpblem in todays time. Not a day passes when you hear in the news about a girl getting raped or assualted.

Mumbai is one of the places in India where women roam around freely withoit fear of any misshappening a post by a woman in Mumbai Vijayeta, who goes by the handle @SacredInsanity on Twitter, happened to chance upon a woman auto driver after her cab broke down near Powai in Mumbai, post midnight.

“My cab broke down near Powai, past midnight. Stopped an auto and was wonderfully surprised to see a woman driver. She dropped me home, we chatted and it felt so good to live in a city where women do feel safe enough to be out at all hours. Really hope it stays that way!” read her tweet. Her post garnered a lot of positive responses thereafter on the micro-blogging site. Here, take a look.