J K Rowling sends gifts to girl from Kashmir who wrote her a letter.


J K Rowling author of Harry Potter series, is very popular for her work and also because of her kind and needy nature.

Two months ago in April she replied to a 12 year olds letter to her and left everyone in shock. Kulsum, a student from Haji Public School wrote a letter to the renowned author after getting inspired by her life and achievements. Like Rowling’s million fans, Kulsum also wished she could “meet her” one day.

Her teacher shared the letter on Twitter and tagged Rowling letting her know and they were certainly not excepting a reply. But to everyone’s surprise the ‘Harry Potter’ creator not only replied but also asked for the little girl’s address to “send her something.”

While people forgot about this incident but J k Rowling kept her promise and shipped gifts for not just Kulsum but also her classmates.

She had sent personalised goods and goodies for students of Kusum’s school.
When the students received the gift and the teacher shared the post J K Rowling reacted to it by saying, ” I am so happy it reached i was worried about it”