Censor Board of India mutes Hanuman’s reference from “Black Panther” Movie.


Censor Board of India mutes Hanuman’s reference from “Black Panther” Movie.

Marvel’s latest & first-ever black superhero film “Black Panther” is winning hearts worldwide and doing great worldwide.

Just a few days after the movie has released there was a scene in which  M’Bakue, challenges King T’Challa to a combat to win the throne of Wakanda, his lips move but you cannot hear any sound.

Many assumptions were being made about the word that was muted. However the air has finally been cleared, the word that has been censored is “Hanuman”.

Mbakue shouts “Glory to Hanuman” . But the Central Board of Film Certification of India has beeped out this reference fearing that it might hurt religious sentiments of the people.

In the Movie M’Baku was known as Man-Ape, and this line was intended to be a tribute to the clans god.


The beeping of this word has irked many fans in India.

In the 1st fight between Tchalla and Mbaku, the latter actually says ‘Glory to Hanuman’. It  will be heard in every country except India.

People took to twitter to express their discontent. Thanks to our super-sensitive skin that can’t handle anything except Aloe Vera these days,” posted someone on Twitter, while another wrote, “It has been muted out. Even the subtitles just say “Glory to”.

Those who did hear the reference shared how proud they felt on hearing the reference. My heart swole when I heard the reference to Hanuman in BlackPanther. It’s a shame Indians in India won’t be able to hear it because of politics.