Being a Social Media Manager, it was challenge for me to get my lost MacBook back to me


What you do when your very important thing get lost? I guess you attempt to try every possible way to get it back! Isn’t it so? You will try. I can tell you for sure if it is important to you.

I am a Social Media Manager from past more than 6 years, and last year I bought a very cool device i.e. MacBook Air by Apple, it is awesome to go with it.

Dealing every day with it in client meetings, project reporting, daily work and all, it was a part of life.

26th June: 12 in the noon, I started my day from home in my two wheeler to my office. Something was going on in my mind related to a client meeting and I was thinking very deeply while driving my Honda Activa. I had to take petrol in it before reaching to office, so I was heading to petrol tank.

I was in a queue of petrol tank, and when I got the fuel in it, I saw that their was no bag on my scooty. Ohh my god, I started searching it on Petrol pump, it was no where. I called my wife, asked if the laptop bag is at home? she denied. I asked to check again.. she again denied and I told her that I lost the laptop bag.. Checked the whole path but failed.

3 times I check each and every person on the road from my home to petrol pump but no where. gone home, taken my wife together and again started searching.. no where.

After few hours, I rushed to Police station, lodged an Online FIR of it. dropped wife to home and my senior was their to help me in this. checked few CCTV with him but in vein. day was going to end. I back to home.. restless. Informed this to very close family and friends.

Next day morning, I tried recording video of the incident with a soft corner and some emotions with a message “Please return my laptop bag, it is very important to me”

Gone to office without laptop, tried some ways to trace it, but no way. came back to home again.. Uploaded the recorded video on my Facebook page and billed Facebook with some amount and created a Facebook ad set. being a Social media manager, I was going to try my last effort which was my skills that I was practicing from many years.

And Clicked to Run Ad Campaign to the selected audience of 2 KM radius taking centre where laptop was lost. It was getting impressions from people, reactions of sad, comments of sorry.. like.

28th Mid-day: I got a comment on video with a number, Wasim commented to call me. I called Wasim, he told that his driver got a laptop bag, but I am out of lucknow will be back by tomorrow. I asked him to please tell his driver to make that laptop safe and do not try to sell it to anyone.

28th gone, 29th was going.. Wasim not returned to the city, he gave driver number to me. I was very tensed calling him and then dialled and asked for the laptop. He was making things here and there.. asking many questions but not telling me which laptop he has.. I was getting several things in my mind that may be this driver can replace the bag and sell my laptop to anyone. so I rushed to police station and told SI that this driver is not going well.. he has a laptop but not telling about it.. so SI scolded him and asked to bring bag by tomorrow 10 AM on Police Station.

He came by 11 AM next morning, when he came I saw the bag, it was not mine. It was someone else’s laptop. driver called him too to come and collect it. so that person named Ashish Gupta came with his FIR copy and matched items and collected it from their.

I lost a hope of my laptop here, but Can make faith in god only.. so was doing.

In night, one call came form unknown number asking my name, I confirmed my name and then that person confirmed me that I have your missing laptop.

That’s it. I am completed now. Feeling like crying.

Met with Mr. Rajesh the person had my laptop and Raju the one who found my laptop by roadside. They are the good followers of Saint Jai Gurudev. Mr. Rajesh said that Sir we are followers of Jai Gurudev and they taught us some good lessons of honesty and truthful life. so We don’t believe in taking others thing and enjoy the life with it.

I was speechless at that time and was thinking that what it was, my laptop missed and this honest man found it.. I don’t know but many people’s good deed helped in my destiny to get my MacBook back to me.

I am happy now! I am feeling more relaxed!

Some happy people, distributed this news in Media and Mr. Rajesh got good appreciation from the city people via the newspaper.

I pay my thank to those God’s people here too. May God bless them always.

Finally I can say that It was not easy 5 days.. It was very tough but I made every possible way to connect it with my goal. and their Social media helped me a lot.

It was a challenge, and when I accomplished it.. I can say that yes.. I am a Social Media Manager and I found my MacBook laptop back with the help of Social Media and the great coincident is that I got this back on 30th June which is known as the World Social Media Day.

Ohh God. Bless me and bless all.