9 Year old girl donates her 4 years saving to help the people of Kerala.


Kerala has been experiencing high rainfall since the the past one month which has led to the state facing its worst rainfall since the year 1992. The rainfall in Kerala was in such an amount that 35 of the 39 dams in the state had to be opened because the water filled up to the full capacity of the dams..

Help was coming from throughout the country with NGO’s coming forward to help the people. People making donations for the flood victims. The Indian army was called to the rescue the people stuck in the areas.

While all this was happening a story of a young girl Anupriya from Tamil Nadu came into the picture where reportedly she donated the Rs.9000/- she had saved to buy a cycle for herself. Her story was shared by twitter user Ethirajan Srinivasan & her story was widely appreciated.

Here is the tweet.

On hearing about the girl’s donation, cycle manufacturing company Hero Cycles tracked the girl down and gifted her a brand new cycle. & a sum of Rs 9,000 to the girl. However her father refused to accept the money and instead requested parents to encourage their kids to save money.