Man break dances to iconic doordarshan tune, video goes viral


This TikTok video of Vaishakh Nair has been getting viral on the internet and leaving people amused.In the video Vaishakh can be seen dancing to Doordarshan’s iconic tune.

Watch it once and for sure you are going to watch it on loop

The video was shared on Twitter by a user called@Ya5Ne, in the video one can see Vaishak showing off his impeccable break-dance steps on the song, catching every beat with his energetic moves.
He shared the video with the caption, “Doordarshan would not have imagined this in their wildest dreams!”

Watch the video:

After the video was posted online, it went viral within seconds and till now it has almost 7k likes and almost 3k retweets.
This is how people reacted to the video.