Primary teacher rapes 2 girls for 4 consecutive days after school hours.



After the Kathua rape case there has been a sudden increase in the number of rape cases the rape cases throughout the country.

A new report has emerged in which a primary teacher raped 2 girl from his class for 4 consecutive days. This came into the limelight when one of the girl refused to go to school, when asked the reason for this the girl was left in tears & she told her parents that she has been raped by his teacher, she even told the other victim girls name.

So her parents visited that girls house & she too comfessed that they were being raped since 4 days. The parents lodged a complaint against the teacher. The accused 35 year old teacher is on the run. This incident is from West Bengal.

Accordimg to the police the girls were being raped after school hours & the teacher threatened to kill them if they told anyone about this.

A medical examination of both the girls was conducted at the local district hospital today.

This incident has come into the limelight after the Kathua, Unnao, Surat & so many more rape cases.