95 Years of YOGA Practice, this old lady is the oldest YOG Guru of India & never been to hospitals


She never been to hospital all her life. She started practicing Yoga since she was 3 year old. She can do more that 50 yoga assan perfectly.

She is the great Amma Nanammal, 98 from Tamilnadu and may be the oldest Yog Guru in India in active condition.

bend it like granny

News sources says that she trained more than a million students through all her life and still training 100 students per day in her class.

Amma Nanammal, the Yoga Grandma is also recipient of Padmashri Award and many other prestigious award of the country.


Nanammal Eldest yoga women get achiever award

We think that this is a kind of motivation, which we can pass to our society & our upcoming generation and make a contribution in a small change, if possible.

Happy International Yoga Day 2018 to all the readers of TrendinginTown.com