Youtuber’s in Mumbai held for doing #KikiChallenge on Railway station.


Despite warnings issued by police, the Kiki Challenge, which involves jumping out of a moving vehicle and dancing to the song “In My Feelings”, has not stopped. Youtubers Shyam Sharma, Dhruv Shah and Nishant Shah from Funcho entertainment were shooting a #KikiChallenge on the Virar station. the video uploaded on their channel got more than 2.5 Million views.

“The railway court ordered that the three men will create awareness among commuters of the dangers of stunts like the Kiki challenge,” the official told news agency PTI.

They had been arrested under sections 145 B (indecency or nuisance), 147 (entering railway premises or damaging property) 154 (endangering safety of passengers) and 156 (performing stunts) of the Indian Railway Act, he said. These sections entail a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of Rs 500, the official informed.

Meanwhile, the admin of their YouTube channel wrote, “Everything is fine guys. We’re all good. You’ll get all the updates of what exactly happened and everything in one of our upcoming video. Till then stay tuned.”

Watch Video here.