Meet the first American TV reporter to wear a hijab on the air.


Meet the first American TV reporter to wear a hijab on the air.

Talking about the importance of women and how they influence our lives.

8th February marked as the  International Women’s day, while the world was celebrating the day by thanking the important women’s in their life, Tahera Rahman showed the power of women and wrote history by becoming the becoming the first full-time broadcast TV reporter in America to wear a hijab on air. It’s a day that she will cherish for her lifetime.

 She set up a great example for not only the women out there but also the men that if you want anything in life, you can achieve it by working hard and staying focused.

On the International Women’s day i.e 8th March she gave her first on-air broadcast as a journalist for WHBF, a television station covering the Quad Cities region in Illinois and Iowa.

Rahman, who lives in Davenport, Iowa, had worked at the station for about two years as a producer, but she had always dreamed of a being a reporter.

However some of her mentors — told her it was an unlikely dream. America wasn’t ready to see a hijab wearing news anchor.

However Rahman was still keen on her dream & was determined to prove everyone wrong.

When an opening came up for an on-air reporting job at WHBF, she did not this chance and applied for it.

“It’s been so incredible,” Rahman said. “People from Mexico, Sweden, Eastern Europe telling me that they all stand behind me and are cheering me on. I feel so grateful for all of it.

Rahman  hopes she will help challenge some common misconceptions about Muslim women who wear Hijab & will also inspire other muslim & even non muslim women’s to never give up on their dream.

Since her first broadcast, Rahman’s incredible story has gone viral around the world. She admits all the attention feels “surreal,” but says she is keeping things in perspective. Her main focus is still on her work, and her gratitude for landing her dream job.

“It feels perfect,” she said. “It feels like I’m doing what I should be doing.”

Rahman also has a message for other Muslim women and girls with big amibitions.

“There’s no reason your hijab should be a barrier,” she said. “Just because someone, or multiple people, might tell you so, doesn’t make it true.”

Watch her full reporting here.