Ronaldo follows Messi as both are knocked out of the world cup.


Footballing rivals Messi and Ronaldo both have their teams knocked out of the world cup on the same day.

After Argentina lost 4-3 and Messi dream ended pressure was on Cristiano Ronaldo to take Portugal ahead. However Ronaldo was poor in what could be his last match in a world cup.

The match ended 2-1 with Portugal eliminated as Cavani scored 2 goals.
Cavani scored twice to win the game for Uruguay. Uruguay are set to face France in the qyarter final of the world cup 2018.

Footballs fans dream to see Messi vs Ronaldo in a world cup ended as both are knocked out of the World cup 2018 on the same day.

It is one of the worst days for football fans across the globe to see these 2 legends knocked out of possibly their last world cup game.