Fifa World cup 2018 – Winners.


Fifa world cup concluded & we have a new winner France have lift the world cup after 20 years. Croatia lost their first ever final that they reached, they did not win the cup but they won the whole world’s heart & respect.

The world cup has concluded & we have the new winners.

Golden Boot – Harry Kane.

Golden Ball – Luka Modric.

Golden Glove – Thibaut Courtouis.

Best Young player – Kylian Mbappe.

Croatia have won millions of hearts & the immense respect that the team has garnered can be seen with the no of people that supported Croatia for the win. Having no stadium to practice the team indeed was one of the best teams in the world cup and possibly the team experts backed to win. Croatia put up everything they had the only thing that did not go their way was their luck. France got lucky throughout the match with Croatia dominated possession & shots, France got a penalty & free kick that were wrongly awarded & managed to score from both. Croatia however did fight back with  goals but France won the world cup 4-2.