Belgium win the match, Japan win hearts.


Japan lose against Belgium in what could have been the biggest surprise and shock of the 2018 Fifa world cup.

Asian giants Japan lookes set to eliminate Belgium from the world cup after the goals from Genki Haraguchi and Takashi Inui put Japan 2-0 ahead in the first half.

Japan could have given another surprise but destind had another plan. In the second half Jan Vertonghen, Marouane finally scored goals in the 59th & 54th minute to make it equal.

90 minutes were done 4 minutes of injury time was added at 3.43 Nacer Chadli scored the winner for Belgium and sent a huge wave across the stadium. Some fans were crying, some were mad, some in shock.

This was one of the greatest comeback in the football world cup history.

Belgium now face Brazil in the quarter finals.