Prakhar mittal tops Cbse results 2018 scores an astonishing 499/500.


The 10th Cbse results are out and as people expect we have a topper who has scored an astonishing 499/500 falling short of just 1 no.

Prakhar Mittal scored a perfect 100 in all his subjects in CBSE Class 10 board exams except French, where he fell short by just one mark. With 499 marks out of 500, he is one of the four all-India CBSE class 10 toppers.

His favourite subjects are Maths and science and during his preparation stage he kept away from social media.

“I have been learning piano for many years. I am into classical piano and I like Beethoven and Mozart,” the DPS Gurgaon student said, adding, “Music is more of a passion, something I pursue for relaxation. My real calling is academics,” he said.
“I used to study at night. School teachers also guided me during exam preparation and it worked well for me,” said Prakhar, who has his eyes set on IITs after finishing Class 12. He is keen on taking up robotics.
“I feel that Class 10 board exam helps you gain experience on how one has to prepare for Class 12 board exams. Even if you don’t do well in Class 10 exams, you can always try and do well in your Class 12 boards,” he said.

Prakhars parents said , ” we knew our son is good and he is studying hard but we never expected him to top the entire country” we are very proud of him”