Union Minister says ” Dont make rapes a big deal”



Union minister Santosh Gangwar reportedly said that ” Rapes are unfortunate, but sometimes they cant be stopped so why to make it a big deal?”In such a huge country, if one or two such cases are reported, one should not make a big deal out of it,” the minister said.

His statement has a created huge controversy. After the Kathua & Unnao rape cases that led to public outrage the governmen announced death penalty for those who rape children below 12.

Because of the bashing of the government on social media, news channels & also because of the huge protests led by celebrities & general public the government was under pressure for not taking any action against this.

The anger also increased because some of the party members seemed to support the Rapists & were protesting against their arrest, while PM Narendra Modi & other kept numb on the incident.

It was because of the public anger that Union Minister Maneka Gandhi last week put out a video message that spoke about her intention to request the Cabinet to introduce death penalty for people guilty of raping children below 12 years.