See which politician called Modi the “Most Expensive Chowkidar”.


Kapil Sibal terms PM Modi as the “most expensive chowkidar”

In the wake of the PNB fraud case that shook the country a few weeks back.

The continous silence of  Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and his Ministers on the issue has given an opportunity to the opposition parties to raise questions against their government and their functioning on a whole.

Raising his voice Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal today slammed the Prime Minister’s silence on the scams that were revealed in the country over the last few days and termed  Narendra Modi as the “most expensive chowkidar” in the world.

Kapil Sibal said “Modiji used to give a statement everyday against the Congress when a (2G) scam worth Rs.1.76 lakh crore was alleged during our party’s rule”

“That was a presumptive loss. Later, the court said there was no scam at all,”


Sibal said “Why is Modiji silent now?

“Narendra Modi gets a house, a plane; he is the most expensive watchman in the world,” he added.