Group of people assault a man travelling in a train for not being able to answer questions on Narendra Modi, National Anthem & Mamta Banerjee.


The situation of the country does not seem to be in a good state with the country now experiencing communalism & dictatorship with Bjp forming governments everywhere irrespective of winning elections or losing.

Buying Mla’s and governors th Bjp have stained their reputation in the peoples eyes.

But the workship of some bhakts towards modi is blind and this can be seen understood by the event disclosed below.

A man travelling in West bengal was allegedly assaulted by four persons in a moving train after he failed to reply to their queries on the prime minister and the national anthem as reported by the police.

According to the police report the victim labourer was on his way to Kaliachak in Malda district from Howrah on May 14, when the four persons got into the train and sat next to his seat.

Upon his arrival, they suddenly started asking him questions about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the national anthem and Chief Minister Mamata Banerje and got angry when the man could not answer the questions.

The group later got down at Bandel station and assaulted that man for not being able to answer their questions.

A local NGO – Bangla Sankriti Mancha – lodged an FIR yesterday against the accused, based onvideos taken by co-passengers, Kaliachak Police Station Inspector-in-Charge Suman Chatterjee said.

  1. An investigation into the matter is underway, Mr Chatterjee said.