Centre tells Supreme court “Ram Sethu” bridge wont be damaged.


Centre tells supreme court “Ram Sethu” bridge wont be damaged.


NEW DELHI:  The Central Government told the Supreme Court that the “Ram Sethu” will not be drilled or damaged in the interest of the nation.    The government will instead look for alternative routes for implementing the Sethusamudram Canal Project to establish a shipping channel between India and Sri Lanka.

The Supreme Court had granted time to the centre to spell out whether it has taken a stand to cut through Ram Sethu for the Sethusamudram project in November last year .

It is the belief of millions of Hindus that the Ram Sethu was built by Lord Ram with help from an army of monkeys in order to reach Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana.

The Ram Sethu or Adam’s Bridge is a continuous stretch of limestone shoals that runs from Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in South India to Mannar Island off the northern coast of Sri Lanka.

In December last year, a US Science channel ran a show “”Ancient Land Bridge”, claiming the “Rama Sethu is not natural but a man made structure.

Under the Sethusamudram project, a 83-km-long deep water channel would have been created linking Mannar with Palk Strait by extensive dredging and removal of the limestone shoals which constitute the Sethu.