Another Minor raped in UP & strangled to death.


Another Minor raped in UP & strangled to death.

Just days after the Kathua & Unnao rape case was out that shocked the country. A new report has come in which a child that was attending a wedding with her parents was reportedly raped & strangled to death.

An 18 year has been arrested from Etah the village where the family was attending the marriage. he was found lying next to the child body in a drunk condition.

During wedding rituals loud music was being played. While the parents of the girl were busy the accused Sonu drew her to a half-built house and allegedly raped her & later choked her to death.

“He took her inside and raped her and then murdered her. At 1:30 am, some function was on. He took the opportunity to drag her some distance away and rape her,” said the child’s father.

When people realised that the girl had been missing for a while, they started a search and found her body and the drunk teen.

“The girl is about eight-nine years old. She was raped and also she was strangled to death. The accused was nearby, he has been arrested,” said police officer Akhilesh Chaurasia.