Amit shah says Sp & Bsp alliance will give tough competition in UP but bjp will emerge victorious.


After being unable to form their government in the Karnataka elections falling short of some seats. The bjp government is facing backlash and lot of criticism following accusations of bribing and buying Mla’s and governors.

The bjp now has to focus on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019. With all their opposition joining forces bjp need much more than hardwork to win the elections again.

BJP President Amit Shah on Friday admitted that the alliance of BSP and SP in Uttar Pradesh will be a challenge for the BJP in 2019 but asserted that the BJP is confidemt of defeating Congress either in Amethi or Rae Bareli.

“If the BSP and SP contest in alliance, it would be a challenge to us. But we are sure that we will win either one seat: Amethi or Rae Bareli,” said Amit Shah.

Amit Shah also sais that bjp does not part ways with their long time ally Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. however if the latter do not want to continue we will have no option left rather than ending the alliance.

“In 2019, the BJP will fight with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. We don’t want to oust them from the NDA. But if they go out, it’s their will. We are ready for every situation,” he said.

He also mentiones that even with all of the parties coming together we will win the election once again just like 2014 when we won.

“They all fought against us in 2014 too but failed to stop us. They all have their presence in their respective states. Even if they come together they won’t be able to defeat us,” he said.

  1. Amit Shah also believes the Narendra modi led government will win atleast 80 seats in all the places where they could not in 2014.
    “We will win such seats which were not with us in northeast, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and many other places,” he said.
    Announcing that the new Bjp president in Rajasthan would be declared on May 26 &The BJP President also maintained that the Chief Ministers in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh will not be changed.