50 IITians leave job to form their own political party

to change the scenario of politics in India


Indian politics needs a revolution, the scenario of politics is such in India that the youth of the country is not interested in politics all thanks to our leaders who have created a bad image for their profession.

The politics in India has a label of “Development” but deep within the motto of development is hindered & the politics solely done is on religion & caste.

As is is said to clean the mud you have to enter in it, setting up an example over 50 IITians have quit their cushiony jobs and formed a political party called ‘ Bahujan Azad Party’

IITians Quit Jobs To Form Bahujan Azad Party

“We are a bunch of 50 people, all from different IITs, who have quit our full-time jobs to work for the party. We have applied to the Election Commission for an approval and are meanwhile doing groundwork”, says Naveen Kumar, who is an IIT Delhi graduate himself and is leading the party.

“We do not wish to do a hurried job and end up being reduced to just one of those small political outfits with big ambitions. We will begin with contesting the 2020 Bihar Assembly Elections and then aim for the next Lok Sabha polls”, he adds.

IITians Quit Jobs To Form Bahujan Azad Party

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