PM Narendra Modi says , ” Congress, Sp, Bsp alliance for personal benefits and not for the people of the country”


With the Lok sabha elections just a few months away the Bjp hoping to form their governement again.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party will face tough competition as all their enemies have joined forces however bjp leaders were quick to say the alliances wont bring us down and we will emerge victorious.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley called it an strategic formation that didn’t stand a chance against PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah also said they will provide us a competition and but we will win.

PM Narendra Modi said “Three thousand raids were conducted by various agencies and undeclared income to the tune of Rs 73,000 crore was unearthed. Tough rules against black money have sent shivers down the spines of many,”

Narendra Modi believes it is because of this breakdown of black money and corruption that all their rivals have been brought to one stage.

“They are not coming together for the sake of the country… They are coming together to save themselves, for selfish reasons… their families… They are coming together to create instability,” PM Modi said at a rally in Odisha’s Cuttack on Saturday.

“This is something new I am seeing and the Opposition seems to have decided to continue with this tactic till the 2019 polls… Its one-point agenda is ‘Modi hatao’ (replace PM Modi) while the BJP and PM Modi want to remove disorder, corruption and poverty to usher in stability and development,” Mr Shah said, underlining that PM Modi’s politics of performance will prevail over those promoting politics of dynasty, casteism and appeasement.

Only time will tell what will be the outcome. Who the people choose and who they dont.