Navjot Singh Sidhu faces Rs.1000 fine for hitting an elderly man during a roadshow


In a shocking turn of events punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has got away with a fine of just Rs. 1000 in the case in which he hit a 65 year old man on the head & the latter reportedly died after the attack because of brain hammerage.

The punishment for the charges against Mr Sidhu is one year in jail or fine or both. The court ruled that given the background of the case — it was 30 years old, there was no enmity between the two and Mr Sidhu didn’t use any weapon — “a fine of Rs 1,000 would meet the ends of justice in this case”.

Soon after, Mr Sidhu thanked “the Almighty who has always helped him tide over difficult circumstances”. He added, “I have messaged Rahul Gandhi jiand Priyanka ji that my life is yours. I want to thank those who prayed for me and I forgive those who pointed fingers at me.”

The former all-rounder had quit the BJP & later joined rivals Congress.