India’s First restaurant run by Transgender’s.


India’s First restaurant run by Transgender’s.


Navi Mumbai: We as a society have tremendously progressed in the past few years. But there still are communities at which people look down or just neglect their existence. And bringing in a social revolution is Navi Mumbai’s Third Eye Café, which hires transgender employees.

The waiters and even the cooks are from the LGBT community. This cafe was started by Nimesh Shetty, Nitesh Kandarkar and Prasad Shetty, the restaurant has not only helped the transgender community to have a source of income but also to make them stand on their own and has also given them confidence  walk proudly in this society.

They hired trangender employees beacuse they beleive in equal rights for all. It is a platform for trans community to get better jobs and for their social upliftment.

Sana Khanna, one of the employees, earlier made her living by odd jobs, like giving badhais at functions, a custom known to bring good luck. After being rejected for jobs, she finally landed a job at this café. It’s not only the job aspect, but Sana’s became more confident and happy.

Sana said “Although we say Indian society is changing, that’s not really the case. We are still looked at differently by people.” Nimesh Shetty, the owner of the restaurant, wants people to change their perception of the community and be more accepting of them.

He said “I am not trying to sell the café to the transgender staff. I want to do it based on food and ambiance. This is just a platform for this community to get better jobs.”

The restaurant currently has six transgender employees out of the total strength of 20. Four work as table attendants, one works in the kitchen and one works as a manager.

According to Gauri Sawant, a transgender activist said “people are usually scared and have fixed notion about the transgender community, which is why it is necessary to change the perception”.

It is the first restaurant might be the first restaurant in the country with more transgender staff members.