4 Year old brutually raped, beaten to death and stored in a drum.


A 4 year old girl in Haryana’s Faridabad district was raped, brutally stabbed to death, and then stuffed inside a container, allegedly by a man who used to work at her father’s sweet shop.

The incident took place on Thursday in Asaoti village in Faridabad’s Palwal, wherein a medical test has confirmed the child was raped before she was killed.
The accused, 24-year-old Bholu alias Virender, had been working for the victim’s father for the last nine years. On Thursday he took the girl to his house and then brutally raped her. He then stabbed her to death and stuffed her body in a drum at his house.

After committing the crime, he came back to the shop. When the girl was not found he accompanied them for searching her. A neighbour informed the parents that he had seen Bholu taking the child away.

The villagers reached Bholu’s house where they got into an argument with the accused’s mother, she was not opening the door and later when she did the body was found ina a drum.

“When we started to look for her, he too participated along with us and kept fooling us. When we went to his house, his mother didn’t tell us anything. She was not even willing to open the door and turned off the lights where the drum was kept,” the girl’s father said.

“We want him to be hanged to death. He was so brutal to my daughter. We want justice. Justice because we lost our daughter but nobody else should lose their child,” said her mother.