Turkish police officer risks life to save puppy in frozen lake, later adopts it



    This veido of a police officer swimming through frozen waters and breaking ice to save a puppy ia going viral on the internet.
    A Turkish police officer is being praised online after risking his life to save a stray puppy that was stranded on a frozen lake. Footage of the incident shows police diver Burak Okten making his way through the icy waters, and breaking the ice with his arm, to rescue the puppy.

    According to local news outlet Ensonhaber.com authorities were called to a lake in the eastern Turkish province of Van after locals spotted a small dog floating on a piece of ice on Lake Van. Without considering the risk to his own life, Okten rescued the puppy from the freezing waters.

    “It was the final moments, I barely made it,” Okten said ABC News Net after bringing the dog to safety.

    A video of the incident shows the police diver bringing the puppy back to shore, where the animal receives CPR treatment before being wrapped in towels and rushed to a veterinary clinic. The dog was suffering from hypothermia, but is expected to recover.

    But Okten isn’t winning hearts just for his rescue act. The police diver has also adopted it and named the puppy ‘Buz’, which means ice in Turkish, BBC News reported.