This is what your underwear reveals about your personality


We choose things based on who we are as a person. Our comforts, discomforts, and our choices are all dictated by our personalities. Our choices, therefore, reveal a lot as well.

10. T-String


If the T-string is your preferred choice of underwear then you are someone who is extremely comfortable in your skin. You are confident, independent, and who knows how to flaunt what you have.

Your confidence comes out of the immense self-belief that you have and there are few who could sport the underwear and your confidence the way you do it.

9. G-String


If G-string is your preferred choice of underwear then you are the kind of woman who can balance work and pleasure with equal ease. You understand yourself quite well and you are confident about your personality which means that you are comfortable in revealing clothes and yet you know exactly how much to hide.

It is the same with your personality wherein you know exactly what to reveal and exactly what side of your personality to hide from everyone else. Quite a rare quality indeed. You are, therefore, perfectly harmonized in your personality.

8. Thong


If thongs are your preferred underwear then you are the kind of person who is ambitious, driven, and motivated to succeed. You do not mind a bit of discomfort as long as you achieve the goal you have set for yourself and there is little that you would not do for your dreams.

Your drive and desire set you apart from the rest and your willingness to go that extra mile is what defines you. It is this aspect of your personality which is highly contagious and a source of motivation for those who know you closely.

7. Tanga

Tanga Tanga

If tanga is your preferred choice of underwear then you are someone who is a traditional person by nature but progressive by thoughts. You like to live a simple life and believe in the simple pleasures of life but your thoughts need to be modern and the people you hang out with have to be open-minded.

You are the sort of person who can only get along with people who are honest and forward thinking. You hate anyone who feeds and thrives on hate and prejudice. You are, therefore, someone who would rather understand than judge.

6. Bikini


Bikini is a good choice for almost every occasion and it is always a good idea to wear them underneath your garments. If the bikini is your preferred underwear then you are the kind of woman who is outdoorsy, athletic, and someone who enjoys being in the limelight.

You are always prepared for every occasion and you are extremely comfortable with your body. You are, therefore, the kind of person who can be playful and sexy when you want to and also serious and practical when you need to.

5. Cheeky


If the cheekies are your preferred type of underwear then you may be a cheeky person as well. You are the kind of girl who is smart, alert, witty, and sports a killer sense of humor. You can give it back as good as you receive and you have a sporting spirit which is incredible.

You are, therefore, the sort of person who is playful, charming, and someone who is not afraid of trying out new things in life. This exploratory nature and jolly personality add to your charm making you popular among your friends.

4.  Hipster


If the hipster shorts are your preferred underwear then you are the kind of woman who can really pack a surprise. There are aspects of your personality that not a lot of people know about. The fact is that you are much more than what you appear and there are multiple layers to your personality.

Just when someone thinks that they know you, you can bring out a different aspect of your personality and surprise them in the most wonderful way. The fact that you always have something new in the store makes you one of the most intriguing personalities to have in life.

3. Boyshorts


If boyshorts is your preferred underwear then you are the woman who can mix sass with class and pull it off as well. You have an outgoing personality and you live mixing around, having a fun time, and just being yourself but you can also bring out the refined aspect of your personality.

You are, therefore, someone who can be incredibly charming when you want to be but also snappy when provoked. This range of personality which you carry is what makes you unique, enigmatic, and quite irresistible.

2. Classic Brief

Classic BriefClassic Brief

If the briefs are your preferred choice of underwear then you are the kind of person who is highly practical and have a functional approach towards life. Briefs are very good at maintaining the cheek shape, so, you like being comfortable but your briefs also indicate that you value practicality a lot.

It also means that you would be the kind of person who would remain calm in a difficult situation and try to think of solutions rather than panicking and acting about.

1. High-Waist (Retro)

High-Waist (Retro) High-Waist (Retro)

If the high-waist (retro) is your preferred underwear then you are the kind of person who really likes being comfortable. You are easy going and fun loving by nature and do not really care much about other people’s opinion.

You love being yourself and you are your best when you are in your own zone. You are the kind of person who would also put others at ease and would rather spend time laughing and joking than being too serious about life.