Policeman carries pregnant woman on his arms to the hospital after ambulance fails to reach.


A heartwarming incident from Uttar pradesh has come in the limelight in which a police officer in Mathura carried a pregnant woman on his arms to help her reach the hospital and deliver her baby.

The incident is from 14th September where the policemen Sonu Kumar saw a crowd on the road, after reaching and enquiring he found that a woman was undergoing labor pain at the station. He immediately called the ambulance but even after hours the ambulance did not reach. So Sonu Kumar took the woman to the nearest medical facility on an e-rickshaw. Upon reaching there, he was told that the woman needs to be admitted. The police officer then asked for a stretcher but even that was unavailable.

So he carried the woman in his arms to help her reach hospital.
“I saw the woman was in pain and her husband was asking people for help. I called for the ambulance, but it wasn’t available. So I took her to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby,” said Kumar.

The woman delivered a baby boy in the hospital. The woman, Bhavana, a resident of Ballabgarh and her husband Mahesh endlessly thanked the police officer for saving the lives of both the woman and her child. ”We are really thankful to the police officer for his help,” said Mahesh.