People mourn over the death of Tigress Avni.


    After 53 days of active search by several forest officers with sniffer dogs, drones and trap cameras, the man-eater Pandharkawda tigress T1 of Yavatmal forest was shot dead by a sharpshooter on Friday in Ralegaon, Maharashtra. Regional Manager Nandkishor Kale said, “T1’s death occurred due to excessive internal bleeding and heart attack. A tranquilising dart was found on her left hind leg. A gun bullet injury was found on the left side of the chest.”

    Avid animal lover Jerryl Banait, who has filed many pleas in the HC and SC on T1, stated that he feels that the forest department did not follow the proper procedure. “Why did they dart her when it is prohibited to do so after sunset and before sunrise? Was there a veterinary doctor in the team? Who determined the tranquilisation dose and why did it not have the desired effect? Why was the tigress shot first when the Forest Department had sworn an affidavit in the court about capturing the cubs first and then the mother as cubs won’t be able to survive without their mother in the wild?”

    People have taken to social media to raise questions against the killing of the national animal as she could have been tranquilized and captured alive.