One Life : Many Stories.


    One Life : Many Stories.

    Growing up in this generation seems to be the hardest thing, always confused between your choices, plus greater abilities to make wrong decisions and screw the right one’s.

    Dealing with broken friendships & relationships, constant pressure of doing something in your life. Trying to make your parents proud and just wanting to be appreciated. Life is weird and just when you think you know it all it surprises you by its complexity.

    One thing that i have learned about life is, no matter where i struggled or what problems i faced, it all passes by. Be it your childhood, your school life or your relationships and friendships that didn’t work out, it all passes by and you move on, and all that you are left with is beautiful memories of how things were when it was all right.

    Here i share my story.

    I always had this idea that, i never wanted to regret anything in my life. On this path as i walked on for 2 years, i met many girls, got into many relationships and finally came across someone who loved me so much that i was willing to give it all for her. All i needed was time to change myself. But she left and i was the only one to be blamed for that. i gave her all the reasons to not hold on and let go. I cheated her with over 12 girls and finally she felt that i was not worthy of being with her. She broke up and I moved on with some one else.

    A year later, a bit more mature as a person, i did realize how wrong i was about life. I never wanted to have any regrets in my life, and hurting her became my only regret. i tried to get her back even after being in a relationship with someone who loved me and gave me everything i could ask for. Lucky enough i got to talk to her and she was very happy in her life and she had moved on and wanted me to do the same. Sitting and thinking i realized if i had her brought her back i would do the same thing that i did to her to someone else who i choose over her.

    And that was the day i decided to give all that i have to the girl who has been my strength and my happiness who helped me change and become a better person, who has been standing by my side in my happiness and sorrows.

    There comes a moment when we all have to change. for some its soon for some its not. but we all change and learn and continue doing so until we breathe our last because life never stops teaching and we never stop learning.

    Know when to stop and for whom to stop.  Don’t hold any regrets.