Now you can become a tree after you die, know how?


This video presents an innovative way to bury your loved ones, is going viral on the internet. It introduces the concept of organic burial pods, an eco-friendly idea ‘to turn a graveyard of tombstones into a memorial’. Capsula Mundi, an Italian company came up with this alternative to coffins. The idea is to place a body in a fetal position, enclose it in a biodegradable burial capsule, which is then planted in the soil with a seed or tree.

Organic Burial Pods Will Turn Loved Ones Into Trees.

Posted by Be Inspired. Aspire. on Thursday, July 19, 2018

The seed is placed in an urn which stores ashes below a soil mix. In this Bios Urn, as it has been named, an embedded seed takes nourishment from the ashes as it grows into a tree.