Kolkata police trolls Thugs of hindostan and later deletes the tweet, see here


Bollywood’s most expensive movie Thugs of Hindostan believed to be made on a budget of More than 200Cr had the trailer being trolled after it was released and had the entire social media joking about the poor vfx in the movie and how it resembles Pirates of the carribean.

The movie hit the theatre’s on November 8 and did a business of 50Cr on the opening day which was huge however the audiences reaction to the movie was not so impressive as Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan were trolled on the internet with the fans and most film critics and viewers expressing their disappointment over the movie and giving it negative review.

Mumbai Police also joined the list and trolled the movie and it was soon that Kolkata police also joined the list and came up with a tweet which was #burn for the movie

However they later deleted the tweet for what so ever reasons but people screenshot the tweet and immortalized it forever.

Here it is: