Kerala fisherman who went down to help women climb on the boat during Kerala floods gifted a car.


Kerala faced its worst floods in decades in August which led to lakhs of people losing their homes and properties. It atlso led to a huge loss of human life. Many videos of people helping the affected and struck people went viral one such video was of a man who became a human stair for people to get on him and climb on the boat.

The pictures and video of the Jaisal KP, went viral with people hailing the man for his bravery.In appreciation, a dealer of Mahindra vehicles in Kozhikode gifted him a brand new car. Pictures of the event were shared by the Twitter handle of the automobile dealer.

Jaisal was given the first vehicle of the recently-launched Marazzo. The award was given in the presence of Kerala’s labour minister TP Ramakrishnan.

Here is the tweet.