Google wishes the world Merry Christmas with an animated doodle


Google on Tuesday came out with a colorful Christmas doodle for its homepage. Christmas celebrations are all around the world and Google too entered the festive spirit with its google doodle.

The company logo decked up with Christmas decorations including stockings and red cherries. The vibrant doodle also shows Santa Claus and his reindeers taking a nap near the Christmas tree after delivering gifts to kids across the globe. The tool tip on the logo reads “Happy Holidays”.

Google began publishing a series of ‘Happy Holidays’ doodles from Sunday onwards.

The first doodle showed elves loading Christmas gifts on to Santa Claus’s sleigh. The second doodle Monday showed Santa and his team dropping gifts.

Christmas marks the beginning of the holiday season in several western countries.

Every year, December 25 is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. People pray at churches, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols,  feast together to mark the festival. The day holds a special significance for children as they expect Santa Claus to bring them gifts.