Argentina and Messi’s dream comes to an end.


Argentina and Messi’s dreams come to an end as Argentina are knocked oit of the world cup after losing 4-3 against France in the Round of 16.

Opening minutes of the match led to penalty given to France due to a foul on Mbappe which Griezman converted to make it 1-0. Just before the first half Di Maria scored to level it 1-1.

In the second half immediately Argentina scored to make it 2-1. And after that Argentine defense’s poor performance caused them the match as they conceded 3 goals in quick sucession to make the scoreline 4-2.

The dream had ended Messi produced many chances but thode could not be converted. In the 90th minute Aquero scored from Messi’s cross to make it 4-3.

There was still some fight left messi produced a chance but again that was not scored and the final whistle blew breaking Messi and Argentine fans in tears and shattering their dreams of winning the world cup.

Messi magic was alive in the match as Messi notched 2 assists and created many more chances that could not be converted.

This could be Messi’s last match in the world cup as well as in a Argentine shirt.