This cute dog sells sweet potatoes in Japan


    There is hardly anything dogs can’t do, from dancing to performing CPR, the adorable four-legged animal seems to master it all. Their latest talent is running a business! Yes, a cute dog in Japan is breaking the internet, after photos of him running a roasted sweet potato stall went viral.

    The three-year-old Shiba Inu identified as Ken-kun successful runs the stall alone in the island of Hokkaido. Although Ken-kun can’t collect the cash or make card payments or recommend customers best dishes, he keeps customers company by popping up in the stall when they arrive and charm its way with its cuteness.

    The customers are required to pay the exact amount for each package kept in the stall. Stating the obvious, a sign beside the furry shopkeeper reads, “Because I am a dog, I can’t give you a change”. Each pack is priced at 100 Yen and if people pay more, the change simply gets spent on food and treats for the cute pooch.

    The shop runs on a trust-based policy and customers are urged to put the money in the designated slot after selecting a package of the roasted snack. Well, in a literal sense it’s a self-service store and customers need to open the white box of delicacies placed in front and choose what they like.

    This unusual shop was found by a Japanese local who tweeted about it and soon the tweet went viral. And soon, Japanese on social media couldn’t have enough of him.