TV Shows You Need to Watch!


Shows that have us binge watching them for hours. If you need a break, These are your Stops!!

Stranger Things

If you’re a fan of moody Electronica and early 80’s, then this show is for you. Actually, its soaring popularity proves that it’s for everyone. One afternoon, young Will Byers disappears from his small town community. A girl with a shaved head named Eleven appears and joins Will’s friends’ and family on their search-hunt for the missing boy. Things turn supernatural and strange from there onward, guaranteeing you laughs, a few cries and jump-scares all the way. Binge-watch for optimal enjoyment and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the endless 80’s movie references!


Indeed, it’s one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Friends, which ran for ten years from 1994 until 2004, is still one of the most watched comedies. It turns out three young men and women who live in the same apartment complex can have a LOT of fun! The laughs are timeless, there are iconic funny scenes and the bond between each character will make you wish you had friends just like them.



Bubbling away below the seemingly perfect surface of Riverdale, is a lot of darkness and weirdness. Archie Andrews and his friends find themselves navigating not only the intricacies and mysteries of their relationships with each other but also navigating what could be the biggest mystery of them all – what happened to Jason Blossom? And how do they deal with the fallout?

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

This is the story of Hannah and Clay. When Clay’s crush, Hannah, decides to take her own life she leaves behind a box that contains 13 reasons why she made the decision she did. If Clay reads through the list, what will he do if he finds himself on there? Dual narratives mean that you gain good insight into each character. A tragic, yet poignant, look into a theme often left undiscussed.


Oliver Queen, a rich billionaire playboy, returns from five years on a Pacific Island, after having been presumed dead. While he still plays that role in the daytime, at night he is Arrow, a highly-trained superhero, using his newly-acquired skills to ensure vigilante justice for the innocent.

Peaky Blinderspeaky blinders

Ask nearly anyone and they will tell you that Peaky Blinders is one of the most stand-out TV series of the last four years with great ratings across the internet. This is gangster, but English gangster set in 1919. The show revolves around a gang who sew razor blades into their cap peaks and their ferocious boss, Tommy Shelby.


suits series

The temptation here is to talk about one of the central actors, Meghan Markle and her recent marriage to Prince Harry. But because this show is good, it deserves its own credit. It focuses primarily on the relationship between a brilliant college drop-out, Mike Ross, who has faked his legal credentials and Harvey Specter, one of New York’s best closers. Filled with tension, humour and brilliance, Suits would make a great binge watch.