Talent Show of The New Era! The International Indian Icon!


The Question is Why you Have to hold Your Talent?

Why Not Let it Glow?

God has so graciously gifted you the Skills/ Abilities/ Talents that make you such a Great Showman, So what is stopping you?

You don’t live your Life until you have fulfilled your talents. Trying the society’s way is now an old, weak and boring framework of life. The New Era is when you live your life to the fullest. So we ask you again what stops you?

Never got a Chance? Never had platform? Well all these things are now irrelative!

We appeal to you!

Don’t encourage this Lifestyle. Why would you not pursue your dream when the platform is all set just for you! Waiting for its Next Icon!

With the ‘Gee’ Initiative, The International Indian Icon, any Indian who is far from home now can showcase his/her talents. The platform presented by 3iii allows Indians from all over the world to participate and display their love for Singing – in any language, Dancing – In any Format, to play Any Instrument!

INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON (3iii) presents you a unique on-line/on-site platform where any Indian with Talent from any part of the world who has a gift in music of any language, dancing of any dance format, any instrument or Fashion, Comedy, Acting or any other art and culture. This is a unique global platform to get searched globally by Bollywood, Hollywood, Event Organizers, Producers and Directors like –  Bappi Lahiri, Param Gill, Prashant Soni, Arko Mukherjee, Haji Springer who are continuously looking for global talent of all categories for their projects.

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