Pakeezah actress dies in old age home after being abandoned by children.


Not everything is gold once you are successfull and well known. Classic Bollywood Acress Pakeezah recently passed away in an old age home after she was abandoned by her parents.

The popular actress was left at the old age home by her children last year in Mumbai. The actress breathed her last on Saturday.

In May 2017, it mid-day reported that Geeta Kapoor was abandoned in a Mumbai hospital by her son Raja under the pretext of withdrawing cash from a nearby ATM. Geeta Kapoor then told mid-day that her son tortured and starved her. “He used to beat me up as I did not approve of his philandering ways. He would give me food once in four days, and sometimes, even lock me up for several days. I was not ready to go to an old-age home, that’s why, he planned all this. He deliberately kept me hungry and I fell ill. Then, he got me admitted and fled,” she told mid-day.

Speaking to the Indian Express Ashoke Pandit added that Geeta Kapoor kept waiting for her children all of last year but no one came for her. “Only last Saturday we had arranged a grand breakfast to cheer her up, she was okay too, but she was not happy from inside, as she wanted to see her children one last time.”

She was 57. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) member, who paid Geeta Kapoor’s hospital bills last year, wrote: “We tried our best to keep her healthy but her wait for her son and daughter made her weaker day by day.” He added: Her body will be kept at Cooper Hospital Vileparle for two days hoping her children to come and at least do the last rites. Otherwise, we will do our best to bid her a dignified goodbye.” Ashoke Pandit also said that Geeta Kapoor’s co-lodgers at the old age home were “in tears and under shock.”

  1. It still is hard to believe someone who once dazzled the silverscreen and rule hearts of the people died in such a tragic manner.