International Indian Icon! 3iii Season 3!


Our Vision!

Gee Vision Inc brought an idea, to bring a platform closer to Indians who far from home to showcase their talents. But unlike any other Talent Hunt Show, Gee Initiative – International Indian Icon Builds an On-line/On-site Platform for Indian Talent across the Globe.

The mission that Gee Vision Inc brought up via INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON was to create a stage, a platform for Indians from all over the world to showcase their talents, abilities, gifts and unite them under the fields of Music, Dance, Singing and various other fields. Providing them a chance, an opportunity of a lifetime to stage their abilities, Talents and become the Next Indian Icon!

The Objective is to attract musical talents from every country where love for Indian music is evident and appreciated. Create a platform to attract and gather participants from all walks of life to exhibit their socio cultural sensibilities and diversity to the rest of the world in order to achieve the common goal of universal peace, perfection, excellence and competence through music.

3iii (International Indian Icon), is a global platform that is made just for you to showcase your talents in music, singing, instrument, dancing and many other fields. 3iii is created with a sole purpose of granting opportunities to participate in a Reality show, Events and Online Social Networking Sites. The Participants also get reviewed and guidance from Gurus who are there to help you make the best out of your Gifts!

What are you waiting for then? The Stage is all Set! 

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