Chase your dreams : Register for 3iii


Chase your dreams : Register for International Indian Icon 2018

After the completion of International Indian Icon 2017 season 1, that covered the countries of USA & Canada, with a view to provide Indian’s & the people living abroad a platform to showcase their talent & achieve their dream of becoming a star.

The 3iii Season 2 will cover the continents of the Caribbean, Europe & North America & in addition to Singing, Dance & Acting will also have Comedy, Beauty Pageant & I got talent (any talent).

The proposed judges for the season 2 are as follows :

The Selection process process has 5 levels as follows :

Level.   Date.
Level O. On Line Registration. (Active) 29th September 2018.
Level 1. Auditions (On Site) 1st September 2018.
Level 2. State Icons. 1st August 2018.
Level 3. Country Icons. 1st July 2018.
Level 4. 3 Continent Icons. 7th May 2018.
Level 5. 7 International Indian Icon. ————

The judges will choose the winners along with the voting results. The winners will get a Trophy, A Certificate & a chance to make it to Bollywood.

In the fifth season, the show will come home to India where the best of the best in the previous four seasons will go head to head against the best of India for the ultimate crown.

This is great platform for people to bring forward their talent, And make their dream of being a Bollywood star come true.

The Winners of season 1 have taken the step in their life i.e Sanskriti Akhoury aged 13 (winner of the 3iii Singing category) later went on to participate in Canada’s Hidden talent & reached the finale, Now she releases her singles & is working to make her dream debut of Bollywood later on in life.

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