Whatsapp Co-founder joins the league, urges people to #DeleteFacebook.


Whatsapp Co-founder joins the league, urges people to #DeleteFacebook.

#DeleteFacebook has been trending on twitter & has gained further more momentum after big names are coming ahead in the support of this movement.

Whatsapp Co-founder Brian Acton has joined the league

After reports of Cambridge Analytica using Facebook’s users information came to light, people across social media have begun to urge others to either #DeleteFacebook or #BoycottFacebook in response.

One surprising voice has joined this movement – WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton voices in favour of the movement to delete Facebook after having left  the company in 2017, 3 years after he sold Whatsapp to Facebook for $19bn in 2014.

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag appeared to gain attraction after one Twitter user quoted a BBC stories tweet from 2017 – an interview with Theresa Wong about Cambridge Analytica.

From the interview Four quotes were taken to infer Facebook’s role in Donald Trump’s 2016 US election victory, such as “Facebook was our hands-on partner,” and “Without Facebook we wouldn’t have won,” This led to the call to #DeleteFacebook in response.